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Hello, my name is Wade. I’m a freelance designer experienced in web design, mobile design, UI/UX, branding and print design with over 13 years of experience. I am available for freelance work. Below is a sampling of my recent work. Enjoy!

Driver on Tap
Phukris Condominium

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If you would like to reach out to me feel free to contact me anytime. mail@wademichael.com

glassesAbout Me


I am UI designer originally from Minnesota but I have taken to the road by studying in Toronto Canada and now freelancing in South East Asia. Design is a passion of mine and find inspiration everywhere around me currently living in Thailand. I find that putting yourself in a situation where you need to communicate with people where you don’t know the language is something challenging but it pushes you to get creative about what you want to say and how it might be interpreted. Immersing myself in a different culture has definitely been a great inspiration and experience that has evolved my design every day. I love it.

Along my journey I have worked on many different types of design projects such as mobile apps, websites, corporate branding, social media, banners, brochures, etc… Give me a blank pixel canvas and I will go wild with it.

I am always up for a new challenge. If you would like to work together on an upcoming project, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me mail@wademichael.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.